Partner with us

MYNMAX is on a mission to save businesses a lot of time and money on the things they buy. To do this we have turn-key sharegroup programs that enables your organization to be collaborative. You can now bring together the individual buying volumes of your group, and unlock massive savings with very little administrative effort.

Turn-key sharegroup programs

Pick from our list of sharegroup programs that can bring on delivered to your members within 2 weeks. The available programs are as follows:

  • Group Mobility Program
  • Group Merchant Program
  • Group Garbage Program

Partner program details

  • Program 
  • Sales & marketing
  • Billing & collections
  • Commission structure
  • Customer Service
  • A private label sharegroup program designed for revenue generation
  • Together with your organization we will develop and deploy a marketing and sale strategy to bring on members of your group to subscribe to the sharegroup program(s)
  • MYNMAX will handle all invoicing and collections from each end-user
  • Each member sign-up is eligible for commission paid quaterly
  • MYNMAX is ready to support your group through email, phone, and live chat support